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Yoga: Do these 5 simple asanas for healthy lungs, it is helpful in maintaining oxygen levels in the body

These days many people are not able to go out for exercise due to lockdown. In this case, some yoga postures can be helpful to make your respiratory system and lungs healthy. These asanas also help in maintaining oxygen levels in the body.



When you stand on your toes and pull your hands directly above the head, there is more room for oxygen in the respiratory system. This increases lung capacity.



Sitting on the ground, the hands also have to rest on the ground. This gives regular breathing pattern. Oxygen increases in the lungs and also carries more oxygen to the blood.



In this, sitting on the ground after making a palathi, the head has to be held back and on the ground. The spine remains elevated from the ground. The chest remains elevated, there is more room for oxygen in the lungs.



Stand up straight. Take a deep breath. Slowly exhale, move one hand downwards and the other hand towards the sky. This causes abdominal muscle exercise. Respiratory process improves.


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In this posture, inverted V is made by standing on one leg and connecting both hands upwards. While going into this position one has to take deep breaths and while returning to normal position, one has to exhale.


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